What is an Angel Deed?

angeldeedslogoAngels of God’s newest campaign is ANGEL DEEDS.

Inspiring others to complete "acts of kindness" or "angels deeds". Our goal is to make this place just a little bit better by encouraging "angel deeds" all over the world.

Helping others is a rewarding thing that very few people experience; Angel Deeds is purely about giving and helping others. It is not always centered around money; we can also give our time and energy.

Do you want to feel good? Do an Angel Deed! The feeling you experience when you complete an "angel deed’ is amazing. Angel deeds can be done in person or anonymously. It is so much fun to do it anonymously and watch to see their reaction!

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Welcome to The Angels Clothing Closet


My name is Katelyn Darrow, and I am the founder of a non-profit organization, Angels of God Clothing Closet, located in Pitman, New Jersey. My mission is to provide clothing and more to those in need. The clothing closet is set up in a storefront in Pitman, where referred clients can shop at no cost. I started my mission July 2009 at just 12-years-old (I'm 17-years-old now!), and have provided clothing to over 8000 families since opening. Angels of God works together with local churches, agencies, and shelters, for referrals of people we can help together. With the way the economy is today, our organization wants to relieve financial stress from families by providing necessities such as clothes and toiletries. Our charity's services are limited to twice-a-month "shopping sprees", when disadvantaged clients can visit the Pitman storefront and shop for clothes that are given to them for free. Thanks for visiting the Angels of God website!

Take a moment and watch our video.


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